Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday night game night

Now that school is in session again, we're right back into our school year routine of hectic mornings, storytime before bed and Friday night game night! I know "Friday night game night" sounds a bit redundant, but that's just what we call it. When school is in session, we play a game almost every Friday evening, and tonight it was Junior Scrabble. My younger SS and I were on a team against my husband and older SS. Our team won, but I'm still sore about the fact that "moox" isn't a real word.

I'm cutting this one short because the guys are off to bed and my husband and I are going to have a Friday night movie night with "Burn After Reading." Before I go, here's a headband I finished yesterday and wore for the first time today. I got two compliments from moms in the schoolyard this morning - not bad!

Evergreen headband


Stepmomma said...

I love this headband! I'm excited to crochet this season.. a little inspiration did me goood!
Thanks for sharing.

Suddenly Stepmom said...

Thanks! I've started my Christmas crocheting last weekend (lots of snowflakes), but I'm afraid I'll still be doing a last-minute "crochet cram" come early December, despite my best efforts. :)