Sunday, December 13, 2009


Oh, look what happened - I stopped blogging again.  I'm here now, but my life has been so busy, I'm not going to promise any regular appearance anymore.  I might just rear my head every once in a while and offer a recipe or just say hi.  In addition to all the other things that keep me busy and sometimes stressed out, I'm starting my own business.  I know that some of you who read this are in business for yourself and I just have one thing to ask you: HOW ON EARTH DO YOU MANAGE?!  The amount of work that goes into starting your own business (or at least the amount of work/research/money/sweat I've put into mine so far) is staggering.  I won't say much about it now because there are many details not yet finalized, but this is a business venture that will allow me to combine and share two of my biggest passions.  More on this later.

All is well on the family front.  The boys are practicing their lines for their Christmas plays and they're both doing a marvelous job.  I won't be going back to Seattle for any holiday celebrations and I'm trying not to get too down about that.  The reason I'm putting off a visit is that there's a bigger trip in the works for March; I'm flying out to Seattle for ten days on my own, then I'm meeting my husband in Phoenix for the wedding of a family friend and the two of us are going to have a little southwestern honeymoon because we never had a proper one after we got married.  We'll have five days to get from Phoenix to Albuquerque and then we fly back to Glasgow from there.  I am beyond excited!  Since I moved away, my plan has been to pick up one unvisited U.S. state per trip back home.  I've been to Arizona before, but New Mexico is indeed new to me, so I'm very excited to have a road trip wth my husband *and* to get my one state checked off the list.

If I don't manage to get back online for a while, I want to wish you all happy holidays.  All the best to you and your families for a safe and beautiful season!

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