Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marching on

Lo, March has arrived at long last.  I've been waiting for March for what seems like ages because this is the month I get to go home for ten wonderful days.  Home becomes more of a relative concept by the hour for me, but when I say home this time I mean Seattle.  It's not the place where I was born and it's not where I live now, but it's where I grew up and because of that it will always be home to me.  Here are ten things I can't wait to do in the U.S. of A.:

1) See my parents, my brother and all my old friends.  It's been a year, and a year is far too long for this Glasgow girl.
2) Eat some quality Mexican food.  Sorry, Scotland, but you're just too far from the true source to hit the nail on the head.
3) Walk on all three beaches in Edmonds with my three best friends in Edmonds.
4) Buy a cup of coffee in a restaurant and HAVE MY MUG REFILLED FREE OF CHARGE.  Ditto for soft drinks.  There's no such thing as a "free refill" here.  I owe my Bachelor's Degree to bottomless coffee!  It should be celebrated!
5) Watch Jeopardy! every weeknight.  Man, I miss that show so much.
6) Enjoy the ever-so-slightly warmer weather in Seattle. And the much warmer weather in Arizona and New Mexico.
7) Take advantage of the lower prices on consumer goods and buy the following: a nice pair of shoes, lots of fabric and yarn (don't tell my husband) and possibly a netbook to take with me on tours.
8) Drive around late at night with the radio blasting and no particular destination in mind.  I don't miss many things about being single, but I do miss that!
9) Sew with my mom.  She promised to help me with the neck facing of a cute top I'm making, so I'll bring my unfinished top for a mother-daughter tutorial.  I can't wait.
10) Just be a local yokel and enjoy the everyday Seattle things I used to do (minus the work, of course).


Holly Renee said...

Quality Mexican food and sewing with the mom? Sounds perfect.

Suddenly Stepmom said...

It was wonderful, but I must admit that we didn't have time to sew together. What we did do was go through all of Mom's old quilting magazines together. It's the next best thing!