Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Hi everyone,

We just put the guys to bed and I'm now taking deep breaths and collecting my thoughts. I know I promised you all some broccoli and cheddar soup, but I've been massively busy these days and I can't deliver on that just yet. Tomorrow I leave for a five-week work trip: three weeks in Iran, and two weeks traveling over Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. In my other life when I'm not stepmothering, I'm a tour manager, which means that I go on holiday with groups of American tourists and make sure that everything goes smoothly for them throughout their trip. It's a great job, but it's also hugely stressful, because I basically get to do all the worrying for a large group of people while traveling across sometimes unstable parts of the world. I won't be updating my blog while I'm away, but I'll report back when I come home in late October.

Looking forward to seeing you all on my return,

Suddenly Stepmom

P.S. Aw, I must have subconsciously picked the title of this post as a little tribute to Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, who passed away yesterday.  Rest in peace, Mary.


Kimi said...

Seriously that is a way awesome job. How do you deal with being gone for extended periods of time though. I would be such a wuss about it. I'm a homebody. Good luck and be safe. We look forward to hearing all your adventures when you return!!

Georgina said...

What an amazing job! I had no idea - your recipes are so warm and homey and cozy, who knew that you also fly off to dangerous and exciting parts of the world? Have fun and be safe! - G

La Belle Mere UK said...

Wow!! What a cool job. Can't you even update your blog a leeetle bit while your away? I'd love to see the pics of where you are!

Have a great time.

LBM xxx

Marsha said...

Take lots of pictures to share with us!

MaggieWags said...

We need to organize a step mom tour with you as leader. And no worries, we'll be very self-sufficient so you can sort of call it a vacation for you too!! I can't wait. Will miss your posts!! MaggieWags