Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not-so-grand theft auto

Our car was stolen today in the early hours of the morning. We learned about it by way of a 1:45am visit from the police. I won't go into any protracted details because that's not what I came here to post about, but I will say the following:
1) the car has been recovered and is safe and sound in a garage across town, but it's not driveable because of damage to the ignition during the attempted hotwire.
2) I've been tired and cranky all day because of the worry and interrupted sleep.

Earlier this evening, my elder stepson was working on the computer and asking for my help on saving and linking to images. I think my answers were a bit hurried and distracted because he asked me, "are you tired?" He didn't ask it in a mean way or a sarcastic way - just in a genuinely curious 10-year-old way. Still, the question bothered me because I don't like being tired. I remember what "tired" meant when I was 10. When I heard that a grown-up was tired, that meant they were to be left alone. It translated directly to "no fun." But without thinking, I told my stepson that I was quite tired and worried about how we were going to deal with the car situation.

I hope I haven't become the boring, serious grownup with the crease in my brow I always said I wouldn't turn into, but it's so hard not to worry about money in a country as crazy expensive as this one. And nobody likes to be the victim of crime. So for the time being, I'm walking around with a creased brow.


Mean Stepmom said...

oh no, I'm so sorry!

Georgina said...

That's awful! What a pain in the neck to have to deal with. I get steamed when someone steals our newspaper so I can't even imagine what having your car stolen would be like. Don't be too hard on yourself about being tired, you're human. Have you read Stepmonster yet? It might help with those fears about being the "mean stepmom" . Hope things get better for you soon. - G

MaggieWags said...

You are the second person I hear has had their car stolen this week. Very sorry to hear it. What stress. I can totally identify with the 10-year-old's question. It's the type of question I typically get from my ten year old when I'm feeling sad, tired and lonely.

Suddenly Stepmom said...

Thanks, everyone. It's a situation gone from bad to worse, as we've since found out that our car wasn't fixable, but we didn't let it get us down for long!

Georgina, I haven't read Stepmonster, but I will. I love Wednesday Martin's blog, so I'll put the book on my "to-buy" list once we get some cash. :)